Cognitive Coaching Training
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Loretta Norgon, Cognitive Coaching Training Associate

"This course [Cognitive Coaching Foundation Training] was one of the most in-depth and well delivered courses I've participated in as an educator."

~Dan Bender, Principal

American School in Japan

"I have seen my interaction with staff within the confines of supervision become much more focused, teacher directed, and flat out more valuable since I experienced the Foundation Seminar."

~Joel Leer, Principal

Northfield (MN) High School

“It was a great experience! Advanced Cognitive Coaching Training provided an opportunity to delve into and reflect on my beliefs and values as both an instructor and a cognitive coach. I am now better able to mediate the thinking of others, because my skills are sharper and my understanding of the power of cognitive coaching is deeper. Learning is a constant part of my life's journey, so continuing down the path of cognitive coaching training ensures that I can "walk the talk". “

~Advanced Participant, New Mexico, 2011

"Loretta is certainly knowledgeable of the CC content and she structures highly efficient learning experiences. At the same time she is able to use humor and lighten the learning environment."

~Dennis Dunn

Boise, Idaho

"I am excited to have conversations with my early career principals which will allow these principals to be able to formulate their own best thinking!"

~Reed Carlson

Alaska Administrator Coaching Project

"I will shift how I approach conversations with students and colleagues in order to increase their efficacy in their own problem solving."

~Classroom Teacher

Bloomington, MN


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