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Loretta provides support for your organization with additional services

In addition to Cognitive Coaching training, Loretta has 18 years of experience training mentors, administrators, classroom evaluators, and classroom observers. Observing in a classroom setting and the quality of data collected is directly related to the quality of conversations for professional growth.  She also has additional certifications and qualifications --- profound ways to support your organization.


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Loretta Norgon is a Cognitive Coaching Training Associate,  authorized to offer Cognitive Coaching training in the US and internationally.  

Cognitive Coaching℠ is a model that supports individuals and organizations in becoming self-directed, and in turn, become self-managing, self-monitoring and self-modifying. The results are stronger individuals within a team and better organizational teams overall.

Cognitive Coaching Seminars® include:

  • Foundation Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Group Coaching

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Loretta Norgon, Cognitive Coaching Training Associate

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